Photo shoot side by side with PocketSprite

If you are on this page you might already know about the PocketSprite. For those who don’t it is the tiniest keychain-sized console, born from a crazy tiny gameboy project introduced in 2016 by SpriteTM. It was this project that inspired our first Keymu gaming console. We encourage you to go on Keymu’s page if you want to know more about how FunKey started.

A few years later SpriteTM eventually launched a successful crowdfunding campaign and from there went to production to build and sell the PocketSprite. As for the PocketSprite’s initial prototype that inspired our first Keymu prototype, it is now PocketSprite’s production success that inspires us to do the same with FunKey.

Keymu’s idea – then forwarded to FunKey – was to build our own version of SpriteTM’s first prototype from scratch while improving where we thought it could be done. As for mechanical design this translates mainly in FunKey’s clamshell design which allows to fit a wider screen, larger buttons to play comfortably, a bigger battery and all this while keeping a very tiny form factor. 

But photos are worth a thousand words so here they are: